Background Check

We don’t perform background checks — but we can tell you the top services that do.

Why do people order a background report?
Individuals may request a background record check on someone else for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that someone simply wants to know a little bit more about someone’s past.

Plus, many people are also running a background search on themselves just to see what kind of report their own history shows and how their background screening report might look if someone else checks into them.

What kind of results are commonly returned for a background records search?
1. Criminal and court history
2. Civil history
3. Contact information
4. Possible associates and relatives
5. Property records
6. Social media data and some personal details
7. Professional information

Criminal records checks can involve a single county, multiple-counties, state, multi-state, federal or even international courts. Civil reports could include child support and divorce orders.

Some indication of prior residency, driver’s license records, previous names or aliases and professional credentials may be turned up. Public real estate records and bankruptcy filings may also be discovered.

Can you give me four good choices?
Here are four of the most popular choices in the USA:

BeenVerified provides easy and affordable access to all kinds of public record information. They collect public records from a variety of sources and allow you to browse them all instantly. They even have a mobile app for convenience. Visit BeenVerified.

eVerify allows you to find and retrieve public records including court records, police records, criminal histories, court case details and criminal offense records. It’s a fast and convenient public records lookup service. A great place to start. Visit eVerify.

U.S. Search is an investigative company that has been conducting a wide variety of background information searches online since 1994. Meet someone online? Wanna know who they really are? This firm allows you to conduct your own searches in the comfort of your own home. Visit US Search

Intelius provides you with complete background history searches with their access to billions of frequently updated public records. Visit Intelius.

These four services have been providing personal background reports for many years.
Pick one and try it out.