Criminal Records

You can easily find criminal records and other public records from some of the best background check services and companies on the Web.

The select group below represents many of the better-known and most popular background screening and search providers operating today.

These companies are listed just in alphabetical order.
Texas firm provides individuals and organizations a time sensitive, cost effective criminal background check service.

Background Ferret
Criminal background checks at the state, county, and multi-state levels. Criminal reports and personal criminal records screening for the curious.

Backgrounds Online
Backgrounds Online provides complete background screening information from a variety of public record, nonpublic record and proprietary sources. Unlike most background screening companies, Backgrounds Online does not employ the services of a third party for information technology. They develop and maintain a proprietary database containing billions
of public records, one of the largest public record databases in the country.

BeenVerified offers simple and low-cost access to a large collection of public record information. You have instant results which you can browse at your convenience. You can even easily run reports from your phone.

Case Breakers
Case Breakers takes the world of criminal background checks and other basic off-line security data, and makes it accessible through an easy-to-use web interface. The Case Breakers access service is the most basic form of background check around, letting anyone verify the credibility of the people they meet — off-line or online.

Users can access their own database of saved criminal background reports. State, county, national, and sex offender registry reports may be available.

Detect Fraud
Offers a variety of screening services, including simple criminal records search.

Discreet Research
Discreet Research, Inc. is a public records information service. They provide information reports from many electronic public record filings,
databases, public record vendors, court records and state repository databases.

Easy Background Checks
This site makes it easy to get an instant background or criminal check as well as making it simple to find a lost loved one or friend.

Performs a wide assortment of searches and investigation.

First Advantage
First Advantage offers fully integrated background investigation, substance abuse testing, strict metric-driven quality assurance procedures, streamlined technology solutions, and superior customer service with a single point of contact, including skilled support teams.

eVerify allows you to find and retrieve any public records including court records, police records, criminal histories, court case details and criminal offense records. It’s a fast and convenient public records lookup service.

Intelius can help you with your people search by providing you with thorough background history checks with access to billions of frequently updated public records.
Public records provider of instant criminal checks, state or national criminal background check, and national sex offender check. Search criminal court records for personal screenings.

Instant People Check
Offers searches of federal, state and county databases for performing criminal records searches and other background checks.

National Data Research
Offers a variety of searches that provide the seeker with criminal and civil public records and other data.

Universal Background Screening
This employment screening and background check firm provides comprehensive background checks and drug testing.

US Search
A leading online provider of Public Record Information. They offer a wide variety of consumer products, including people search, background checks, court and death records, asset verification and fraud prevention. They’ve been providing online search since 1994, and they have one of the better services for individuals.